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New Marburger Farm Owners Plan to Preserve History, Elevate Experience

Oct 05, 2021 | Chamber News

The Marburger Farm Antique Show is a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s a beloved go-to for antiques enthusiasts. A longtime landmark in the town that’s big time small. A town in and of itself, with its many vendors, buildings and tents. And it’s about to enter a new phase.

Dallas’ Brook Partners purchased the property this past summer with plans of preserving the venue’s history and what makes it special, while elevating the experience for vendors and shoppers alike.

“We are honored to have been given the torch, so to speak, of continuing that magic that burns at Marburger,” said Jeremy Buonamici, Brook Partners’ vice president and COO. “It really is a wonderful place.”

There were a number of things about Round Top (and the venue in particular) that spoke to Brook Partners. Not only had the team enjoyed the Marburger Farm Antique Show firsthand, but the venue spoke to the company’s specialties.

Brook Partners is both an exhibition company (it owns the Dallas Art Fair and Fashion Industry Gallery) and a commercial real estate firm. For that reason, Jeremy said, the company saw opportunity on the antiques side of things, as well as the land that houses Marburger Farm.

“We thought it provided a unique opportunity to combine two things that we do at Brook Partners,” he explained. “And we have a real attraction to the heritage of the show itself.”

Marburger Farm Antique Show opened for business in 1997 and today draws more than 300 dealers from across the U.S. The ticketed show features on-site dining options where shoppers can recharge and ready themselves for their shopping adventures, and has become a tradition for folks the world over.

Jeremy said the new owners plan to preserve the history of the space and introduce incremental improvements for all involved. As to what those improvements will be, however, it’s too soon to tell.

“To call it the early stages of things — it’s even earlier than the early stages,” he said with a laugh. “We haven’t even hosted our first show yet. But I feel comfortable saying we’ll always concentrate on the quality of the experience for our dealers and the quality of the experience for our shoppers.”

He added that the company looks forward to its first Round Top Antiques Show experience. The team expects to learn a lot and truly find its footing before what is expected to be a banner year for Marburger Farm.

In 2022, the venue celebrates its 25th anniversary.

“We look to celebrate year-round,” he said.

Photo Credit: Mike Turner (top two images) and Jenny Antill