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Round Top Area Chamber of Commerce Member Spotlight: The Farmloft

Feb 05, 2021 | Chamber News

If a person is the sum of all the experiences, events and folks that shaped them, their livelihood is a likewise extension. And for Darwa Webb, who owns women’s clothing store The Farmloft, her endeavors rest on a foundation of treasured dreams and a whole lot of love.

Darwa got her first taste of shop life early on, when her mother and a friend embarked on their own retail adventure. The duo transformed the large dollhouse Darwa’s grandfather had created for her — and which she had eventually grown too old for — into a thriving boutique.

Thirty-five years later, with her mother’s passing, Darwa found herself considering what might come next. Eventually, drawing off those dollhouse memories, she settled on the idea of opening a shop all her own. It was 2013 when The Farmloft opened its doors in Wimberley, offering items that spoke to who Darwa was and the things she held dear.

Each garment was hand-picked, sorted and curated her way. And the store focused on finds that were American-made and sourced through fair trade.

“I was born to a great American cotton farmer, therefore my signature is cotton and linen,” Darwa explained. “My store is a reflection of who I am, what I love and what I believe in.”

In January of 2019 her labor of love reached an important milestone — the opening of a second location. Located on Washington Street in Round Top, Darwa set up shop with the same driven focus on careful curation and items with meaning.

Her experience has been a journey for which she is grateful — and which was helped along by those around her.

“It’s all possible with love of my beautiful family,” Darwa said.

For more information about The Farmloft, visit the shop’s Instagram page or call 512.966.7797.